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Purchase Goats, Buck / Bakra in Chandigarh from Pashubajaar for Eid Festival 2016

People breed pets selectively and purposely. Those who need a pet for companionship opt for either dogs or cats and buffalo, on the other hand, are bred for milk production. However, if meat acquirement is needed, goats are the most recommended pets. So, before you intend to adopt a pet, decide why you need it and what purpose it’s supposed to serve.

So, you need a dog in Chandigarh. Your quest for the same ends here at Pashubajaar. Adopting a dog could be a crucial decision to protect your home from theft. Dogs have a playful and faithful nature, and hence they become our best companion in all social environments. They can be your playmate in leisure time. If you are in search of a cat in Chandigarh, Pashubajaar can help meet your requirements. Here you’ll find almost all breeds of cats. Apart from just dogs and cats, Pashubajaar offers all breeds of ducks, buffaloes and goats for Bakr Eid Qurbani in Chandigarh. We are India’s leading pet classified that gives you an easy access to the pets you are willing adopt. So, visit Pashubajaar and take the desired pet home.

As a reputed pet classified, we offer many breeds of healthier and genetically superior pets. At Pashubajaar, you can buy dogs, cats, buffaloes, Buck for Eid al-Adha Qurbani and more at reasonable prices. Pashubajaar is now in Chandigarh to help local buyers find the best pet breeds at affordable prices. We work as a pet classified to bridge the gap between breeders, livestock farmers, pet vendors, traders and individual pet buyers who are spanning far and away across India.

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